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Clear, almost minimalist yet confidently harmoniously Ebn presenting its idea of the layered back and armrests. This by tulips blossoms inspired design is main characteristic and innovation at the same time. Just as the single blossoms stabilize each other, both plywood shells do the same.

Through this it´s possible to use thin layered plywood and because of the design only one tool is needed  to manufacture two different armrest heights and also the backshell.Through the innovative use of these two shells, numerous opportunities of combining fabrics, leather and veneers in different variations opens up in the conceptual planning.



The layered shells also hide individual parts of the chair and reveal it only by changing the angle of view, but at the same time form a background on which the design can emerge almost graphically. The clear clashing of often parallel lines and angles are joined together through the use curves and proportions to create a harmonious, timeless whole.


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