Berlin-based product designer Michael Rem studied and graduated with diploma at the University of fine arts Saarbrücken in 2009. He worked with Werner Aisslinger on projects with Vitra, Thonet, Magis and Moroso. After several freelance projects he founded his own studio „Studio Michael Rem“ in 2012.

The new simple

Design is a result of continuous decisions – decisions relating to the shape, color, proportion, material, dimension, haptics and much more. All these decisions relate to the‚“how“. How should the product look like ? How should it feel like or work ?

If you now ask yourself the question: ‚‚why?“ Why this particular idea and not any other? Then you quickly get to the roots of your own creativity.

Being a Designer means absorbing all the daily influences that life offers endlessly, and consciously experiencing it. All the sounds, colors, forms and events are mixed together in the subconscious with your personality and emotions. So all of this can be combined to something new. A new Idea which is extracted from the absorbed old and comes back to the surface of the conscious as images of new products. This constant sequence of new ideas want to be filtered according to their relevance, quality and feasibility and in addition by your own design paradigm. Allthough this paradigm must not be defined, it generates a selection of ideas, which, if reduced to the essential, precisely reveal this basic approach.

For me this approach lies in the „simple“. These processes, actions, things, fundamental forces, structures and effects everything creating our life in a barely perceptible way. Discovering the simple requires attention since it is hidden in our daily life, becomes reflexes of the subconscious or completely disappears from our perception.

Whoever thinks about the fact that you actually overcome an elemental force, by one of the easiest ways, clamping your newspaper under your arm – or whoever realizes the form of a crumpled piece of paper?                                                         However, this is neither exciting nor new. It´s boring because normal.

But if you now implement a special idea to this ordinary which leads to another context then you create a „new simple“ that recaptures our attention. Then a crumpled piece of paper becomes a multifaceted gem, the gravity becomes the designer of vases and the magnetism forms candleholders. And if now this new simple becomes something special through design than this product can have a lasting effect on our own. To let this happen the idea, the context and the design must become a harmonical whole. Therefore my design is minimal, discreet never loud. To strengthen the context and the idea to generate space for the possibility that my design returns into the subconcious and again become a part of our simple daily reality.


2011  /  Founded Studio Michael Rem, Berlin
2010 – 2011  /  Designer for Werner Aisslinger, Berlin
2009 – 2010  /  consolidating studies HBK Saar
2009  /  Graduation with diploma
2003 – 2009  /  Product design studies with Andreas Brandolini and Jerszey Seymour at University of fine Arts, Saarbrücken
1982  /  born

Exhibitions & Awards

2016 / German Design Award Winner, Molécule

2016  /  German Design Award Nominee, EBN                                                                                                                                  2016  /  German Design Award Nominee, Molécule

2014  /  Ex.t Showroom, Salone del Mobile/Milan

2013  / Ex.t competition winner with collage

2012  /  DMY Festival, Berlin
2012  /  Ambiente Talents, Frankfurt

2010  /  finalist Becker Formholz Contest

2009  / culture station Saarbrücken, exhibition diploma
2009  / Designers Fair, Passagen at IMM Cologne
2009  /  Designbazaar, Saarbrücken
2009  /  Zoom T-Systms, touring exhibition

2008  /  Design Post, Cologne                                                                                                                                                          2008  /  Designbazaar, Saarbrücken                                                                                                                                                2008  /  special mention for papershop concept, stores of the future

2007  /  Centre International d’Art Verrier, Meisenthal
2007  /  Zoom T-Systems, Saarbrücken
2007  /  Design Post, Cologne

2006  /  Designbazaar, Saarbrücken

2005  /  Parcours du Design, Straßbourg